Bitcoin Uncensored – Entertaining & philosophical podcast hosted by @junseth and @derosetech. Also, check out YouTube videos

Bitcoin & Markets – Podcaster, @AnselLindner, takes a sober look at the economic perspectives relating to Bitcoin markets on his new podcast series

Unconfirmed Transactions – Programmer & podcaster, @droplister, waxes on all things Bitcoin and isn’t afraid to make it weird

Blogs – Fellow Blogger of Bitcoin

Neighbourhood Pool Watch – Consistent analysis of Bitcoin mining pool statistics and other stuff, going back years

Bitcoin Trading Signals – Enky has been trading Bitcoins since before most of you had any. Simple and to-the-point technical analysis with an emphasis on volume-based indicators.

Paul “Sports” – Drivechain, Hivemind, Bloq

David Vorick – Bitcoin, Sia, Nebulous Labs

Matt Corallo – Bitcoin Core

Popehat – Smart lawyers bitching about laws and how people interact with them


Twitter – Me, acting like I know everything and what everyone’s problem is. Also the best way to get a hold of me.


Otika.TV – Live video-streaming for gamers, and anything really. Bitcoin only.

Xotika.TV – Live video-streaming for adult entertainers. Bitcoin only.