I Miss The Old Satoshi


I miss the old Satoshi, straight from the node Satoshi
Sail the Silk Road Satoshi, don’t fork the code Satoshi
I hate the new Satoshi, the absentee Satoshi
The SPV Satoshi, blockchain all the things Satoshi
I miss the real Satoshi, holographic sealed Satoshi
I gotta say, at that time I’d have revealed Satoshi
Before there was one Satoshi, it wasn’t any Satoshis
And now I look and look around and there’s so many Satoshis
I used to love Satoshi, I used to love Satoshi
I even learned to hodl, I thought I was Satoshi
What if Satoshi made a song, about Satoshi?
Called “I Miss The Old Satoshi,” man that would be so Satoshi
That’s all it was Satoshi, we still love Satoshi
And I love Satoshi like everyone loves Satoshi

(For those that aren’t into pop culture, this is a riff off of Kanye West’s song,
I Love Kanye” on the album, Life of Pablo. The original lyrics are pure genius,
but I hope you find this version entertaining too!)

Droplister does his rendition here. Thanks, Dan!

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