Coin Center Releases PSA: How to Evaluate Satoshi Nakamoto Claims

Adam Back, Gavin Andresen, Hal Finney, Craig S Wright, Satoshi Nakamoto

For the past month, maybe longer, there has been chatter from various corners of the Bitcoin world that Satoshi Nakamoto might be revealing himself soon. I heard theories it was a hoax, and/or that it was Craig S. Wright that might be ready to provide evidence he is Satoshi himself.

I mostly dismissed these rumors, well, because that’s what one should do with rumors initially. But lately, the chatter seems to be reaching a fever pitch. We’re seeing articles like this and this.

Clearly something is up, and people are speculating this is the weekend we’ll learn what.

As this weekend drew near, I observed a few media outlets asking for help and clarification on various historical details surrounding Satoshi’s accounts and keys, in preparation:

The result is a Google Doc providing guidelines for evaluating any claims that someone might be Nakamoto:

Here is a PDF version for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with Google Docs.

We could probably go on and on about the ramifications of the real Satoshi Nakamoto revealing himself, but this blogger will remain extremely skeptical of any claim. This could all be some sort of ploy from the media, or Mr. Wright, or whomever, to gain attention and exploit uninitiated readers. In my opinion, Bitcoin has moved on from its progenitor and is probably better off without him resurfacing.

In the meantime, I miss the old Satoshi.

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